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New, Used, custom and guitar repairs since 1968.


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#NODAPL Stand with Standing Rock

Mark Nez

For anyone that doesn't know there is a Oil pipeline being built that will stretch from North Dakota though South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.  The pipe line will be flowing under neither the Missouri River on Tribal land and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all indigenous nations are trying to stop this pipe line from being built in fear that it will burst and flood the river with oil which leads into the Mississippi river.  Over 18 million Americans depend on the Mississippi river for clean water and there are still many communities around America that do not have clean water due to Oil Fracking.  

We can help by spreading the word and even donating supplies to the water protecters on the front lines in North Dakota!

Please visit the link above to enlighten yourself and search #NODAPL in Facebook for live streams when they happen over in North Dakota.

With out clean water we will not have fresh fruits and vegetables, live stock will die and there will be no clean water to water our gardens.